80 Plus Items that Really Need Climate Controlled Storage.

There are numerous items that need special attention before being placed into medium and long term storage, particularly those items sensitive to temperature fluctuations and humidity.

Storing your expensive and precious items at Aaccumulate will ensure that they are not affected by the ramifications of high temperature and humidity that Encourage Accelerated Ageing or Harm from Cracking, Fading, Swelling, Shrinking, Warping, Mould, Pests and Time because Aaccumulate is a Climate Controlled Self Storage Facility.

Extend the Life Time of your precious items in the correct storage Facility.

Firstly a brief explanation on How different Climate Controlled Self Storage Facilities Work. There are three kinds of climate control units that Self Storage businesses offer in Australia.

  1. Heated units are best suited for colder Southern climates of NSW, Victoria and Tasmania as well as some High Country locations.
  2. Humidity controlled options maintain a predetermined level of moisture in the air.
  3. However in South East Queensland it is Humidity Control and Cooling that is required. 

Aaccumulate’s indoor Climate Controlled Self Storage facility is Located near the Gold Coast’s University Hospital, it provides a balanced temperature and Humidity all year round. This important design feature keeps the unit’s indoor temperature between 13 and 24 degrees all Year round. Humidity ls also maintained at a Consistent Level between 45 and 55% . Depending on weather conditions your storage unit will be Either, Heated, Cooled, Dehumidified or Humidified.

How to Prepare for Climate Controlled Storage

Climate Controlled Storage Units offer a higher level of protection from more than just a change in the weather, they also keep your belongings better protected from Dust, Excess Heat, Moisture, Pollen and all kinds of pests.

Yet that doesn’t mean you should just load up your stuff and dump it in. Below are some hints to preparing some items commonly stored in Aacumulate’s Climate Controlled units. We have also prepared a comprehensive list of 80 plus items items that really do require climate control if you intend to store them for any length of time.

Basic Preparation

  • Give all of your wood furniture a thorough wipe down with cleaner and a light coat of wax.
  • Prepare your leather items with leather cleaner followed by an application of leather Protector.
  • When storing your clothing, place sheets of tissue paper between each item to prevent moisture build up.
  • Avoid plastic containers, as they trap moisture and encourage mould growth, Use Cardboard boxes instead.
  • Remove all traces of hair (Animal or Human) from your furniture and clean it of any stains so as to not attract any pests.
  • Make sure all appliances are fully cleaned, dried, drained of all water and wiped down of debris, make sure to also remove and drain all water supply and drain hoses.
  • Cover artwork, fabric-covered furniture and even wood furniture with a cotton sheet so air can flow through and help prevent moisture build up.
  • Sensitive Musical instruments, release tension on strings and skins, and break down assembled sections to alleviate pressure on joints. Place tissue paper on all valves and pads on woodwind instruments to prevent sticking.

So what kind of items should be kept in a climate-controlled storage unit? Take a look.

80 Plus Items that Really Do Require Climate Controlled Storage

  • 1-8 Computers, TVs, CDs, Cassettes, Vinyl Records, Speakers, Cameras and other electronic equipment.
  • 9-17 Antique Wood Furniture such as Tables, Chairs, Chests, Sideboards, Sofa tables, Four Poster Beds, Tall Boys, Mirrors.
  • 18-22 Photos, Slides, Film, Books, and other paper materials
  • 23-28 Appliances and Cooking Equipment, Washing Machines, Driers, Fridges, Wine Coolers.   
  • 29-33 Artwork, Paintings in Tubes, Sculptures, Filing Cabinets, Craft Supplies and Sewing machines.
  • 34-45 Musical Instruments, Pianos, Acoustic Guitars, Violins, Cellos, Brass trumpets, Wood instruments, Clarinets, Oboes, Flutes, Drum Kits.
  • 46 Bed Mattresses
  • 47-51 Leather and lace Clothing, particularly wedding dress, leather Jackets and Coats.
  • 52-59 Important Documents, Marriage and Birth Certificates, Land and Home Titles, Compulsory Business Records, Sales and Supplier Invoices. 
  • 60-63 Wine and Spirits Collections in Bottles and Timber Casks.
  • 64-67 Collectables (Stamps, Coins, Comic Books, Sports Memorabilia)
  • 68-69 Medical Supplies and Medications.
  • 70-71 Makeup and Toiletries.
  • 72-81 Seasonal Sports Equipment, Winter Sports, Football Equipment and Uniforms, Summer Sports such as Cricket Equipment and Uniforms and Water sports, Surf boards, Kayaks, Inflatables.
  • 82-84 Electric Bicycles, Wheel chairs and Mobility Scooters.

More details on why some Items require storage in Climate Controlled Units

While anything can be stored in temperature controlled units, there are certain fragile or expensive items that would benefit from a Balanced Storage Environment.

Some include:

1. Wooden Furniture and Articles made from Timber.  

Items such as Bed Frames Dressers, Tables, Chairs, Entertainment Centers, Toys, Antiques, and Bars will if exposed to excessive moisture from high humidity will over a period of time crack wrap, buckle, discolour and even rot. Add High Storage Temperatures the mix and all the damaging effects detailed above will be accelerated.

2. Classic,  Antique and Collectors Cars and Motorcycles, Other vehicles and Sensitive Rare or Expensive Parts. 

side view of bicycle with flowers in basket in front of blue wall

3. Leather Furniture, Shoes, Jackets and Coats.

Leather is sensitive to temperature changes from Hot to Cold, Moist to Dry , and  that’s an issue when you’re living in an area with large swings in Temperature and Humidity.

Temperature and Humidity control is an important safeguard for expensive leather Pieces and Collectors Items. Items made from leather that are not stored in climate controlled facilities are at higher risk of Discolouring, Mildew and Attack and Damage from Pests. 

4. Clothing, Linens, Lace, Wedding Gowns and Fabric Items such as Curtains and Blankets.

More and more couples are now getting adventurous, spontaneous and playful during their wedding day producing spectacular and unique memories as they are coloured powder, liquid dye or smoke bombed or they end up on the beach in the water or under a waterfall. The results are awesome memories and photos but a trashed dress.

If on the other hand your aim is to keep your dress for the future, Kristi Kellogg has written an very thorough article about wedding dress preservation. https://www.brides.com/story/is-wedding-dress-preservation-worth-it

5. Canvas Products such as Paintings, Marquees, Tarpaulins, Camping Equipment. 

We recently had an enquiry where numerous Oil Paintings required climate controlled storage. Oil Paintings are expensive and the paint, canvas and frame require special attention before storage to avoid devaluation.

Protect paintings by keeping contact by humans to a minimum. The best way to

accomplish this is by wrapping the painting with protective layers of plastic followed by Styrofoam sheets. (also use the Styrofoam sheets to fill in cavities)

Tape up everything and then place in an appropriate sized cardboard box or make a box from cardboard sheets a Stanley knife and tape. Try and store your paintings upright side by side rather than flat one on top the other.

Don’t forget to label or mark the outside of each box with a description of the contents.

6. Household Appliances 

Electric folding and or vibrating beds, Washing Machines and Dryers, Dishwashers, Ovens, Microwaves, and Refrigerators all need climate-controlled storage in regions that experience extreme heat and Humidity and or cold. That’s because climate Control Protects Electronic and Mechanical Parts from Cracking, Corrosion and Rust that can cause Cosmetic as well as permanent damage.

You should thoroughly Clean, Dry and Drain all appliances by removing all water supply and drain hoses before storage, Climate Control will aid in stopping mold and mildew from building up inside appliances as well.

8. Collectors Items 

There are many aims and goals of a collector. Some do it for Nostalgia and to maintain a memory and a connection to their past, Others collect for Knowledge, Learning, Relaxation, Personal Pleasure, Pride of Ownership and even Stress Reduction.

Many do it for Social Interaction, (Sharing their Knowledge and Pleasure) Competitive Challenge and even Recognition by Fellow collectors.

A few collectors do it for Altruism (many great collections are eventually donated to museums and  institutes of learning) And most important of all, some do it to Aaccumulate and Diversify their Wealth. 
The aim of most Collectors is to Preserve and Aaccumulate their collection for years. 

Temperature and Humidity Control will help with preservation. Collectable items such as Coins, Stamps, Comics and Wine will benefit greatly by being stored in a climate controlled environment, this will prevent damage and accelerated ageing caused by temperature and humidity changes.


Coin Collectors should keep their coin collection at controlled temperature and humidity levels because too much exposure to extreme temperatures and humidity may start the oxidation process, which will ruin metals used in coins.

Particularly at risk are Copper and Silver Coins which will tarnish, although some coin collectors enjoy toning, it can add or detract a coins value, toning in General is a destructive force that will eventually turn a coin dark.

Comic and Stamp collections 

Storing a Comic and or a Stamp collection in a climate controlled storage unit is important if you live on the Gold Coast where the humidity can be high all year round. Temperature and the level of humidity are very important factors, try to never store a Comic or Stamp collection in a room that isn’t climate-controlled..

Once Stamps have been exposed to high temperature and humidity, they will curl and stick. Older and Rarer Comics can not handle Heat and Humidity. In conclusion Heat and Humidity will damage and  depreciate a Comic and or Stamp collection’s value.


The largest error in wine storage is to leave the wine in a location that does not have a consistent cool temperature. 

If temperatures and humidities alternate between high and low this will accelerate wine aging and can give wine an oxidized, metallic taste. The biggest fear of the wine collector it to have their wine Oxidise causing them despair, anxiety and great sadness, this is because the wine collector has invested time and money into growing their wine collection,  Incorrect Storage of Wine must be avoided to prevent spoilage.

So what is the best temperature for wine storage? Specialist recommend somewhere between 13 and 18 °C 


Much like the pages of a stamp album, the pages of comic books are also sensitive to damage if left in a situation where moisture and pests can find their way into the pages.

“Storing your comics safely in a climate controlled environment is important to preserving your Comic collection, If your collection is growing a Storage Units is a great are a great option.

Musical Instruments

Storing Musical Instruments Although some instruments are large they are also very fragile and need to be handled with great care. Temperature and Humidity control for musical instruments is a must be it for long of short term Storage.

As a rule never keep or store an instrument in an environment you would not be comfortable sleeping in

Percussion Instruments


A standard piano is a percussion instrument as well as a string instrument this means it requires extra care. Pianos can be damaged very easily by extreme temperatures and humidity, both of which can ruin a piano’s strings, keys, and many wooden components as well as the exterior over time.

Humidity is a piano’s worst enemy, this is because the average piano has about 12,000 parts and many these parts are glued together, in high humidity and temperature the glue can be affected and weakened and this can affect the shape and condition of the piano. The Piano’s strings can also rust, corrode and snap if not stored in a Climate Controlled Unit,

String Instruments

Like a piano an acoustic guitar is another example of a string instrument that can be damaged by temperature and humidity. Like a piano, its strings can rust and snap when kept in the wrong conditions. High temperatures and humidity can also cause challenges for the glues and adhesives that hold the instrument together.


Areas with high heat and humidity can also affect brass instruments, like trumpets. In hot and humid locations like the Gold Coast Climate control becomes more important, as bacteria growth and corrosion in the trumpet can accelerate.

A properly cleaned, oiled, and packed trumpet will usually not be troubled by weather, a trumpet in long term storage could have problems as certain materials found in trumpets break down when exposed to extreme temperature and Humidity. Materials such as felt, rubber, and cork may break down faster in these conditions.”


Maintaining humidity levels is very important when it comes to storing woodwind instruments, the ideal humidity is between 40-55% humidity. Humidity less than 40% will dry out the instrument, and the wood components may shrink and crack. The pieces can also not fit together properly and may become troublesome to play.

In addition woodwind instruments like Clarinets, Flues and Oboes should not be stored in humidity levels that exceed 55% as too much humidity can cause the pads of the instrument to swell and expand in addition in some cases mould can also start to grow.

Green Energy from the Sun.

Although Aaccumulate Self Storage utilises Green Solar Energy to generate electricity during the day, Climate Controlled Self Storage units are a little more expensive than standard units. This is because of the added expense of running this type of service, as well as costs to maintain the additional systems that provide these features. That being said, not keeping your delicate and expensive belongings in the right environment, though, may end up Costing You A Lot More.

Where are We and How to Contact us

Aaccumulate is an Indoor Climate Controlled Self Storage facility located in Precision Drive, Molendinar, near the Gold Coast University Hospital, Queensland.  

Contact us on (+61) 07 5563 1982 E-mail us, info@aaccumulate.com.au

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